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Bergamo, Maddalena Vidale's artistic circles

August 2017 - Corriere della sera

In the Upper Town the workshop of the artistic and rigorously handcrafted circles of two young graduates in Brera: Maddalena Vidale and Andrea Marcianò.ò.

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«We, the city's magical hatters From sculptors to fashion artisansn

April 2015 - The Eco of Bergamo

From sculptors to magical hatters the step is short. Creativity, color, desire to dare with the imagination. And maybe don't take yourself too seriously. Indeed, taking seriously an ancient profession that is disappearing and that makes Andrea Marcianò and Maddalena Vidale feel like children again. This couple, 27 year old from Bergamo, 28 year old from Pavia, is reinventing the hat..

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Milan Design Week: Emmevi creativity in mind

April 2015

Among the innovative brands of this edition of Via Tortona we also find Emmevi, born from the creative genius of Maddalena and Andrea, two young graduates from the Brera Academy who gave space to the creativity they had "in mind". Their idea comes from the "illegal marriage" between an object that has a utility such as a hat or a headband with a purely artistic product. "Reinventing the concept of accessory by using it as a blank canvas on which to express one's creativity and personality." The materials used are all Made in Italy, with inspirations ranging from the world of Frida Kahlo's art to contemporary fashion. Hence the idea of collaborating with artisans from all over the world and above all of bringing Italian Design back around the world. Emmevi's "Street Fashion".

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